written by Wanda

Paris Hilton And Her Man Cuddle And Kiss In France.

Who is this new guy Paris Hilton is with? I have no idea. I saw his name somewhere but didn’t bother committing it to memory. I’m sure he’ll be moving on soon enough. I don’t get why Paris has such a hard time keeping men in her life. I really think she must be the one that does the dumping because it just doesn’t make sense to me otherwise. Sure her public persona is a little (okay, a lot) vapid but as a person she seems okay. Maybe she’s a little immature and a whole lot spoiled, but she tends to date guys who are also spoiled so that whole thing shouldn’t be a problem. Here’s my guess. The guy she’s sucking face with in France is rich and … well, are there any other real requirements for dating Paris?


  • What out dude. Paris has been with so many men you may get something from her. I do not think that I would be caught dead with her. Or then again if I was, it would have been her who killed me with whatever she had.

    • My husband says the same thing about her. I have to imagine she’s been tested for every disease known to man though. Normally stuff like that leaks out in the press. Also, I never want to have to write the words “leaks out” when talking about STDs ever again. I feel like I need to shower now.

  • I know the STD thing would turn me off as well. Paris is so attractive, and I love it when she says thats hot but I would imagine that she has slept with many many men. She looks hot in these photos but that is about it.