written by Ann

Paris Hilton’s Famous Poses

Paris Hilton was photographed with some of her famous poses at the Thompson Beverly Hills Hotel. She had a short break from her work and will be returning to prepare for her new MTV reality show called “Paris Hilton’s My BFF.” She looked to be free and easy going but actually, many wheels were turning and working behind the scenes for her. Paris defended her life style by revealing that she was immersed in businesses with her clothing line, champagne, watches, shoes, purses, pet clothing, hair extensions, fragrances, movie and etc.

Paris Hilton

Beverly Hills Hotel MTV reality show Paris Hilton’s My BFF clothing line Paris Hilton posing Paris Hilton 7.jpg Paris Hilton makeup


  • That’s one ugly dress.

  • I like the new look of this website.

  • Not hot @ all…!!!