written by Wanda

Paris Hilton Goes Diving In Hawaii.

Celebrities have a right to privacy. They should have the right to say or do what they want in their private lives (short of hurting people, of course) without having it splashed all over the press. When I like a celebrity, I often like the work they do on television, in movies or with music. Paris Hilton kind of complicated things because she hasn’t really done any work for me to like but that’s kind of beside the point. So what’s the point? Simple. The private lives of celebrities should stay private. With that said, the backseat of a cab is not private therefore, you shouldn’t say anything in the backseat of a cab that you wouldn’t say in public, especially if what you’re saying is hurtful and insulting to a whole group of people. I don’t care who the group of people is, either. It’s just a stupid move a seasoned press veteran like Paris should be smart enough to avoid. And when it comes to what she actually said? How hypocritical. While the website that sparked the debate between Paris and her friends seems like a terrible idea, Paris has no right to comment on the sexual habits of anyone. Her claim to fame is a sex tape. Anyway, these pictures show Paris diving in Hawaii, clearly already over the blow back from her ridiculous comments. She looks just as hot as she always does. Moving on.

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  • Paris Hilton is hot. She annoys me when she talks so I never listen to her. But that does not mean that I am not looking at her. She has a great body that is hot. It annoys me when she does say that’s hot as well but oh well. She can say it as long as she stays looking like this.