written by Wanda

Paris Hilton In Back Baring Dress

Paris Hilton is kind of like olives for me. Sometimes I’m in the mood for them and sometimes I’m not. My opinion of Paris, just like my opinion of olives, changes dramatically depending on my mood. Today I’m having a Paris is okay sort of day. That could be because I happen to think she looks exceptionally attractive in these photos. I don’t like the black tights with the dress and I’m not sure I love the cut of the dress in the front, but I will admit it flatters her body very well. These pictures, taken in LA, do little to quiet the “Paris Hilton is a spoiled little princess” comments considering the car she’s driving but I honestly don’t think Paris cares in the least. I find that appealing in a weird way. I love a girl who just lives her life and doesn’t care what people think of her and Paris is definitely that kind of girl. Of course, if you ask me tomorrow, my opinion will probably be entirely different. It’s fun to be moody.


  • I am not sure if I like better Ferrari California or Paris Hilton. Damn, silly me.

  • That dress is quite nice, actually. Suits her. But I definitely prefer the Ferrari! Beautiful bold shade of red, probably drives like a dream. Sorry, Paris, you are not my BFF (best friend for life). Easy decision to make with a purr of a car like that. Sorry. I’ll make it up to ya, gurlfriend. :-)

  • Does anyone know what is the model of Ferrari Paris is driving? I wanna know badly :(

  • I’m afraid I don’t know the model, Sandra. I don’t drive, believe it or not!, so I’m not that knowledgeable about makes and models. However, I do know a Ferrari, a Mercedes and a Bentley when I see one!

    Kevin (first comment) mentioned it’s a Ferrari California, so perhaps that’s what it is.

  • Too bad I will never have Paris, neither the Ferrari.

  • Aww, Tom, you poor thing! Don’t worry about it. Maybe in a next life, huh? Actually, you never know, one day you might very well own a Ferrari, so never say never! And Paris Hilton, who knows, stranger things have happened — you might bump into her one day when the valet’s parking your Ferrari and it might be luuurve at first sight when she claps eyes on you :-)

  • I disagree, I think the black tights complement the dress perfectly, and she certainly has the body to pull off that dress. Yummy!

  • Roger Dodger, I think the black tights go quite well with the dress too. I can’t actually imagine the dress without it. I think it would cheapen the overall look.

    To the blog post author: what don’t you like about the cut of the dress at the front?

  • Paris looks like a classy whore with a Ferrari.