written by Wanda

Paris Hilton In Thigh High Stockings And Heels

Here’s the deal with me and Paris Hilton. Sometimes I love her for reasons I’ll never be able to explain. Other times, I have a strong dislike for her for reasons I’ll also never be able to explain. In a nutshell, Paris Hilton confuses me. It’s like this – I’m not very good at the typical girl things. I’m not that into fashion but I do know what I like and what I don’t like. It just so happens that I love the vast majority of what I see Paris wearing. These shots from Beverly Hills show another example of Paris wearing something I feel I should hate but actually really like. I could actually see myself wearing that. I probably never would, but I could see myself wanting to. I like the tights. Somehow, Paris has paired them with the perfect outfit to make them look nice instead of completely trashy. I’m not sure there are many other women out there that would be able to do that. Do I love Paris? I’m not entirely sure but I love these pictures.


  • she’s still very beatiful,i would say,that she is extremely hot

  • The first thing I was struck by wasn’t her outfit actually, but her face. I don’t think I’ve seen her smile that comfortably and openly before. Maybe she has in the past, but I haven’t seen it. She looks happy and content – unpretentious – a genuine smile.

    • I do think she looks happier in these pictures, now that you point it out. Perhaps she’s in a better place in her life.

  • they arent thigh high stockings, they are pantyhose designed to look like stockings. how dumb are you?

  • Bob, you know what, there’s a way you could have chosen to make your point. Yet you chose to be rude about it. Why? Why make that choice? Why not make the better one? Does it make you feel better to be insulting?

    • Clearly it does make him feel better but it’s more than that. It’s makes him better in general. I’m horribly shamed as a woman and as a human being. Bob is clearly much more versed in the world of woman’s hosiery than I am.

  • You’re horribly shamed because you don’t know as much about hosiery as Bob seems to? Is that you being sarcastic or do you truly feel ashamed?

    Yes, to me she looks really happy. It’s the first thing I noticed, not that what she has on doesn’t look good on her, but her smile is more striking.

    • That was definitely sarcasm. Sadly it doesn’t always come across on the internet. I try not to let stuff like what Bob wrote get to me. I write for a lot of different websites and people aren’t always kind. Humor helps me brush it off a little easier. I do appreciate you sticking up for me though. It’s nice to know there are people that have my back.

  • Haha! Well I didn’t want to assume you were being sarcastic, just in case you weren’t. :-)

    Yes, sometimes the best thing for it is humor (which you’ve done, which is cool). Sometimes, I choose not to acknowledge a rude comment at all because silence can speak volumes. Other times, I confront, as in this case. Something had to be said. It was just outright rudeness.

    • To be honest, I thought stockings and pantyhose were the same thing. I also didn’t notice they didn’t stop at the thigh. I probably would’ve put it differently if I had.

  • I have no problem with you assuming, noticing or thinking what you thought. In fact, I celebrate it! Nobody is perfect. If everyone was perfect, then there’d be no point to life and learning. Stockings? Pantyhose? Pants? Hose pipes? Whatever!

  • hotter then a two dollar pistol!!!

  • Aloha BEAUTIFUL, EXTREMELY SEXY SULTRY STEAMING SMOLDERING HOT Miss PARIS HILTON in nylon stockngs is eye candy overkill! Great pix! aloha hb : )

  • Aloha Afta an EXTENDED,session of teaching her 2 kiss, remove & smell her pumps eventually moving on 2 her reinforced toe nylon stocking feet with loving licking, kissing, sniffing, massaging & SO SUCKING ON her GODDESS stocking foot : ) aloha hb