written by Wanda

Paris Hilton In This Year’s Slutty Halloween Costume.

I don’t know when Halloween became an excuse for women to dress in the sluttiest costumes imaginable but at some point, that definitely happened. Every year, Paris Hilton is a great example of that. She’s not alone, of course. All sorts of Hollywood starlets seem to choose costumes based on how much skin they’ll be able to show without fearing arrest. It’s not really my cup of tea, honestly. You know whose Halloween costume I look forward to every year? Heidi Klum. She often shows a lot of skin but always in a very interesting, creative way and I think that’s what Halloween is all about. These photos of Paris Hilton attending a Halloween Party in Beverly Hills are a little disappointing to me. First, I swear she wore this same costume a few years back and second, there’s really nothing creative about it. Her friends are far more interesting to look at. I’m sure by the time Halloween has actually come and gone though, we’ll see several more slutty Paris Hilton costumes and they’ll probably be better than this one.

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  • I still don’t see what you think is slutty about this? Paris looks great. I love the costume on her. Maybe not the most original but I would love to have been there. Paris is my kind of woman so hot and all.