written by Wanda

Paris Hilton Looking Cute In Miami

I never really know what to write about Paris Hilton. What can I saw about this woman that hasn’t been said a million times? Things are further complicated by the fact that I genuinely don’t know whether I love or loathe this woman. See, here’s the thing about Paris. I don’t like celebrities who are famous for no good reason but yet, there’s a part of me that likes Paris. I’m not sure what it is about her that I like. I think she’s a beautiful woman, of course, and has great fashion sense most of the time but so does Kim Kardashian and I’m far from a big Kim K fan. For whatever reason though, Paris is different to me. I love these pics of her in Miami. She looks cute and I’m really loving the suit and headband. She looks like she’s having a pretty good time. Always nice to see.

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  • What the hell is she wearing? The first pic looks like the suit ate her ass. And the print is just butt ugly. I love Paris but get some class and style please. Then I will be happy to say that you look great. But until then, these photos stink.