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Paris Hilton On German TV Show

Paris Hilton appeared on “Wetten dass…?”, the German TV show in Erfurt, on March 29. The show’s title actually meant “Bet That.” Paris met a few celebrities. One of them was Kimi Raikkonen, the famous Formula One driver, and Oliver Kahn. I saw a short video clip of the program. The host spoke in German. He tried to ask Paris a few questions but there was nobody to translate and interpret so Paris could not answer. That was too bad.

Paris Hilton kissing a girl

Paris Hilton in Germany Bet That Wetten dass Paris Hilton in Germany Paris Hilton 5.JPG Paris Hilton 6.JPG Paris Hilton 7.jpg Paris Hilton 8.jpg Paris Hilton 9.jpg Paris Hilton 10.jpg Paris Hilton 11.jpg Paris Hilton 12.JPG Paris Hilton 13.JPG Paris Hilton 14.JPG Paris Hilton 15.JPG Paris Hilton and Oliver Kahn Paris Hilton 17.jpg Paris Hilton 18.jpg Paris Hilton 19.jpg Paris Hilton is beautiful Paris Hilton 21.jpg Paris Hilton 22.jpg


  • Too bad, she looked like she had a good time. Just for accuracy Kimi is Finnish not German

  • First though was, OMG Paris is kissing some random girl. I was wrong :(

  • I just subscribed to HQ Celebrity. Great site… please keep us updated!

  • I had same thought kupido! It seems they ended whispering to each other.

  • She looked ugly as ever she is getting old she will be a has been pretty soon


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