written by Ann

Paris Hilton Popped Out Bust

Paris Hilton shopped at Trashy Lingerie in Hollywood. Hilton wore a sexy, lacey dress that popped out a good portion of her bust. She was evidently keeping her romance with Benji Madden alive with the aid of Trashy Lingerie. Hilton gave an interview to a U.K. newspaper. She talked about how her former boyfriends used her for sex, money and fame. She omitted to mention how she tried to cosy up to British Royalty but was rejected. Hilton was seen trying to chat up Prince William and Harry but she was left empty handed.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is busty Paris Hilton 2.jpg Paris Hilton 3.jpg Trashy Lingerie Paris Hilton is busty Paris Hilton shows bust sexy Paris Hilton

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  • What does she expect! no one wants to marry a used product! of course her boyfriends used her… It’s hard to use the term “used” on so willing a participant!!!! Of course the Royals don’t want their name trashed!!!!