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Paris Hilton Promotes Can Can In London

Paris Hilton was in London to promote her perfume, the Can Can. Her date, Benji Madden, was with her. The launch was at Nobu restaurant, in London. Chantelle Houghton, The British look-alike of Paris Hilton, seized the opportunity to meet her idol. She could not go alone so she brought her good friend, Chanelle Hayes, along for the promotional launch. Chanelle was a look-alike of another celebrity; Victoria Beckham. This was the perfect opportunity for Chantelle to observe Paris in live action.

Paris Hilton

Benji Madden Nobu restaurant Chantelle Houghton Victoria Beckham Paris Hilton 5.jpg Paris Hilton 6.jpg Paris Hilton 7.jpg Paris Hilton 8.jpg Paris Hilton 9.jpg Paris Hilton 10.jpg Paris Hilton 11.jpg Paris Hilton 12.jpg Paris Hilton 13.jpg Paris Hilton 14.jpg Paris Hilton 15.jpg

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  • Why would anybody want to smell like Paris Hilton?


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