written by Ann

Paris Hilton’s Sexy, Silver Look

Paris Hilton acted in a musical which had a horror plot. Her movie was “Repo! The Genetic Opera.” The premiere was in Las Vegas and Hilton was dressed in a silver, strapless dress. She looked like a sexy, tin foil wrap. Hilton was back into her long stresses and looked beautiful. Repo was supposed to be Hilton’s major breakthrough as an actress and singer. We are waiting to see what the outcome of Repo will be like at the box office. The trailers for Repo have been interesting as they exposed the gory part of the illegal trade in human organs.

Paris Hilton

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  • Since when did looking like a Brazilian shemale become sexy?Or do you find Brazilian shemales sexy?

  • Haha, why are you calling her Brazilian?

  • I love Her beautiful long legs.