written by Ann

Paris Hilton’s Neckline Plunges Down

Paris Hilton and her boyfriend, Benji Madden were Vegas. Paris has come out into the open regarding the rumors about her possible pregnancy. She shot them down. She said she loved the idea of having kids but she was not expecting any right now. She also refused to say if she would be conceiving a child with her current beau. She declared her love for Benji and said that he had a heart of gold. She revealed that Benji wrote her beautiful letters. That was all she was prepared to say.

Paris Hilton

Benji Madden beautiful letter heart of gold Paris Hilton in black Paris Hilton 5.jpg Paris Hilton 6.jpg Paris Hilton 7.jpg Paris Hilton 8.jpg Paris Hilton 9.jpg Paris Hilton 10.jpg Paris Hilton 11.jpg Paris Hilton 12.jpg Paris Hilton 13.jpg Paris Hilton 14.jpg Paris Hilton 15.jpg Paris Hilton 16.jpg Paris Hilton 17.jpg


  • For the life of me, I cannot figure out why she has this guy as a boyfriend…..he looks like one of the munchkins !!!!!

  • Hahaha I am asking myself the same….


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