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Paris Hilton’s New Hair Extensions

Paris Hilton launched her new brand of removable hair extensions called “The Bandit” on August 23. This line of hair product is sold through Sally Beauty Supply. Paris wore some beautiful outfits to sell her glamorous image and association with the product.

Paris has a special website to sell her fabulous hair extensions and it is called SallyandParis.com. This would be Paris’ second venture into hair extensions. She has been promoting DreamCatchers extensions since 2007. Her high fashion hair extension line with them has done well.

Paris Hilton

beautiful outfit Paris Hilton 2.jpg Paris Hilton 3.jpg Paris Hilton in white red heels Paris Hilton 6.jpg hot Paris Hilton Paris Hilton 8.jpg Paris Hilton 9.jpg Paris Hilton 10.jpg Paris Hilton all leggy Paris Hilton sexy back Paris Hilton ass Paris Hilton 14.jpg Paris Hilton promotes hair extensions Paris Hilton 16.jpg Paris Hilton 17.jpg hair extension Paris Hilton 19.jpg Paris Hilton 20.jpg Paris Hilton 21.jpg Paris Hilton 22.jpg Paris Hilton 23.jpg


  • You can’t spell hotel heiress without using the word ho.

  • I really love you Paris Hilton! I really like your style of being a celebrity. Keep being pretty and sexy!


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