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Patricia Heaton: Sexy Or Shocking?

Patricia Heaton of “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “Back to You” fame was recently spotted vacationing in sunny Hawaii. Clad in a bikini, Patricia displayed her body for everyone to see. Now the $25,000 question is: does Patricia Heaton still have it? Or do you think her body should already be kept in a one piece swimsuit? Her tummy’s a bit big but in fairness to her, her boobs still look a bit perky. What say you?

Patricia Heaton

Everybody Loves Raymond Patricia Heaton in Bikini Swimsuit shocking or sexy Patricia Heaton 5.jpg Patricia Heaton 6.jpg Patricia Heaton 7.jpg Patricia Heaton 8.jpg Patricia Heaton 9.jpg Patricia Heaton 10.jpg Patricia Heaton 11.jpg


  • Indeed more shocking than sexy!

  • NO! She shouldn’t be wearing bikini anymore. Does this make me a winer? 25.$$$

  • time for a one piece, honey

  • Sexy if you ask me. But who gives a sh*t about my opinion (:

  • Of course she still looks good. I don’t know a lady her age that looks like this! The scary thing is……where the fuck is her bellybutton??!?! Was she born of woman??!?!

  • Of course her bust looks “perky”…she was very open about her cosmetic surgery (b00b lift, tummy tuck…your basic mommmy makeover) a few years ago.

    I think she could definately get away with a two piece bathing suit that provded a bit more coverage…this one is a bit skimpy for her….and the color is so blah.

  • my oh my! shocking!!!

  • i guess, when you spend $250,000 on a new body you might have a skewed perception of the results, but it’s time for the one piece suit.

  • You are damn right byrdmann … Patricia probably spent huge amount on her body. Please leave bikini behind.

  • The body’s not bad for her age, but the fact that she lacks a belly button is more shocking than anything.

  • I think Patricia used to be sexy, but now is more shocking than sexy!

  • what do you people aspect,she s 50 for crist sake,she looks fine to me for her age

  • Being over 50 myself MOST over 50 women should be in a one piece. But, she looks great and can still get away with a bikini. She has great boobs and the top could be more revealing.

  • Perky? They’re just big…and beautiful. She is still tasty for sure.

  • I’d hit it everyday :)

  • i would kick it out of bed. she is still fit hot and sexy for sure

  • I would lick her ass right there on the beach…is that shocking or sexy…shockingly sexy!

  • I would stretch her cheecks apart until her asshole was stretched open, then stick my tongue as far into her asshole lick it vigarously then french kiss her mouth…while fucking her…in the ass

  • Keep the clothes on babe or some core work! Yeooowwww!

  • sexy and shocking I would say! :D

  • I’d lick her head to toe and bang her everyday and twice on Sunday!!!!

  • I’m 30 and I think she’s hot. She’s got a better body than a lot of people my age and younger. She spent a lot on it but I’ve seen a lot worse. Keep the two piece honey.

  • If she look in a bikini how will she look naked I hope to see i like her.

  • Some ladies look better in close than without. For example Paris Hiltn is a gawky mishapened lass when in her birthday suit. But no one makes clothes look better. I like Paris’ singing, its really pro, she has range control and flavor.

  • I still get a hard-on looking at those gorgeous big boobs !!

  • if your just bangin her int the boobs ok, but the rest blecchhh. she also has terrible posture1 but the tits look fuckable and suckable.

  • old but hot.

  • i still think she is the most gorgeous woman in the world and i would definitely smash her back doors in

  • i jerked off to everybodylovesrymond

  • she doesnt have a bellybutton…how interesting

  • Wow, I never really noticed that, Anon. Interesting indeed. I think there is a bellybutton there, just that it’s really shy! It hasn’t got the typical hole we’re used to seeing. But if you look at the pics, there is something there. Just that it’s unusual. When you think of it, everyone’s belly button’s different.

  • she is still hot! why all the cut downs? wait for all of you to reach her age and see how you look!!!!! fucking assholes!!!

  • I want to fuck her in the ass and cum all over her face.

  • she still looks smokin hot very few woman look that good after 4 kids and her age she can sit on my face anytime !!!!

  • To all those who show little respect on their comments, let alone for themselves, I pity you. I hope your comments are just a front and you’re not like this in real life. It’s totally possible to find a woman attractive and voice it without being sexually juvenile about it.


  • patricia heaton is a milf, a goddess, I loved her on Raymond, Im a young lad and i used to always get hard watching her on that show she is so hot, busty, pretty face.

    Her best epiodes of Raymond was when they met- I jerked off so much to her then in that one.

    I would smash her back doors in well in my dreams I do anyway she is so sexy.

  • some must be mad, she is 54 i am 21 and I wouldnt hesitate in banging her she is a babe regardless, just look at those tits, what straight guy woud pass that up?

    Ray Romano must have loved it working with her on the show, Leah Remini is another one so hot, we shoudl have a page on Leah Remini with her clothes off.

  • I always though Mrs Heaton was hot when I watched Raymond her character was such a bitch tho, I bet she would be good in bed too I always exploded just looking at those big tits, the boob episode of raymond was my favorite, she is gorgeous one of my favourite milfs.

    Patricia is a babe and a half imo

  • Never understood why she is so hyped as a top milf and hot, she isn’t even that hot, she is releatively attractive women but too say she is stunning etc is crap, Leah Remini on King of queens is way hotter than her and has a better body more curves, bigger ass etc.

    Is she an attractive women yes, But she is isn’t as hot as people make out, she has no ass really .

  • only reason people rate her so much is because of her boobs nothing else, The Boob Job episode of Raymond was her at her best tho I jerked off watching her in that, Her boobs were still big after she took socks out lol, She has a nice rack.

    If I were Ray Romano I would have shagged her for real forget the acting, I bet he had a boner after looking at her knockers

  • I’d still nail her, just looking at those jugs on her get me hard, having said that she must have to suck a whole lot of cock and swallow a lot of cm to get cast on productions, just being honest.

    I didnt like her character on raymond she was an annoying, whiny bitch but I found her hot.

  • Leah Remini is way hotter off king of queens, I like both shows but I think king of queens is bit better than everybody loves raymond and I think Leah is much hotter than heaton.

    Heaton is nice tho

  • well she is a gorgeous women, she is pretty and is busty and a talented actress.

    I would definitely bang her.

  • She is a MILF, glad I have raymond on dvd always watch it and I have exploded just looking at her gorgeous face and those big boobs and that body of hers she is hot, she has some good videos on youtube too.

  • I agree on Leah Remini and her sexy body, are there any good pics of her I think she is way hotter than Heaton

  • id puck my dick in her and more

  • Id fuck Payricia Heaton all day. Still hot as ever.

  • Yes, I watch all raymond on dvd , she isn’t as hot looking in seasons 1 and 2, she gets hotter from season 3 onwards she looks great in some, really hot in bully on the bus, tenth anniversary, boob job etc to name a few and average is some but she is an attractive women, defineteley a milf, I would definetle put my dick in her lets put it that way

  • she is very pretty, she is like 53 now, she is a milf, on Raymond I agree she looked her best, from season 3 she looked great, The Tenth anniversary one from season 4 is good her cleavage was great and in several others, she is busty as hell.

    She is a very attractive women. nice face and nice body.

  • I didn’t know who she was till I watched raymond lol, The first episodes of that I saw were the Italy episodes the 2 part episode and I though she was a sexy women, attractive so checked out saw she was called Patricia heaton then I started watching it lol, she is hot yes but her character was a whiny bitch most of the time lol.

  • minus the clothes plus the bed divide the legs and hope u dont multiply, sex is like maths

  • she was great on Raymond, good eye candy she was, nice looking, nice body, she had some good scenes on the show, her tits are big and nice, her feet too, god id lick her toes all night.

  • she is gorgeous, back to you, goodbye girl and Raymond of course, i wish she was my wife, im 23 and id bang her senseless, on Raymond always got the impression Robert wanted to bang her so bad lol.

    she is fit as fuck tho, those tits of hers are great and the feet, to be fair most the women on Raymond id give a squirt, the women who played stefania was the sexiest tho, damn gorgeous and Amy too id smash her in even tho sometimes she looked hotter than other times,

  • she is a milf, on raymond I always thought she was hot more as the show went on, she looked better, from season 3 onwards she was smoking hot, I love leah remini too from king of queens, I have so much fun watching these 2 milfs.

    Getting into scrubs now and Sarah Chalke and Judy reyes are babes too, love them, sarah chalke is soooooooooo sexy

  • she is fit sure but the lady who plays Stefania the Italian women Robert was with was way fitter than patricia heaton.

    as for scrubs yh sarah chalke is very sexy she got so skinnny tho after series 6, and Judy reyes is a milf too i agree also christa miller.

    also I know this might be wierd but Evelyn on Two and a half men i find her attractive gilf or wahtever, the actress holland taylor who plays her is 69 but i still would, anyone else think she is fit.

  • yes the lady who played stefania on everybody loves raymond is called alex meneses and she is a stunning milf, absolutley gorgeous she was hottest women on that show by a mile shame she was not in more episodes.

    Patty is ok, but Alex meneses hotter

  • she is a milf sure hot whe on raymond especially from season 3 i agree she looked great in some scenes, her cleavage is good.

    wathcing Two and a hlf men I agree on Holland Taylor she is a gilf lol and the actress april bowbly who played kandi is too sexy

  • I would still fuck her till she bled.She is amazing.

  • watched Raymond, the actress who played Stefania is the bomb, sizzling beauty, great body, patty is a milf Maggie wheeler, Monica Horan is ok, not that hot, sometimes she looked hot on Raymond her body is good at least so she would get a smashing.

    Monica Horan looked good in the Robert moves back one and snow day

  • Please get more patty Heaton pictures on this site we need better ones, She has some good videos on youtube showing off her big cleavage..

    I thought she looked stunning in some raymond episodes and so not hot in earlier episodes she is nice looking with nie body, I dont find the lady who played amy to be hot, Alex meneses who played the itlaian lady robert dated was by far the fittest bird on the show, very pretty and a killer body.

    Heaton is still a milf, tho i mean 50+ yrs old and if you were offered her you wuldnt passher up, hell know id shag her all night, I wonder if Ray Romano actually boned her hard I saw a ceremony video somewhere and she snogged him lol

  • just finished watching the whole series of Raymond, IN SERIES 5, Stefania great, very fit yes, great eye candy its a shame Robert didn’t marry her instead of Amy and instead of having a romp with Stefania had the affair with Amy so we could of saw more of her instead of Amy she is way hotter than her and Heaton but I do like Patricia heaton she is a milf too.

  • Leah Remini is better than her for sure, watch king of queens along with Raymond, both her and Heaton are nice looking, Leah has a better body, great boobs and a big ass, curvy i love women like Leah remini.

    we need Leah Remini on this site, she is hotter than heaton imo, both nice

  • leah remini is banging, smokin hot on king of queens, pretty and a great body

  • patti, I would fuck you so good, you would end up in a wheelchair.

  • Leah Remini is way better than Heaton yh I agree, patty is overated, these pics are horrible, she shoudl have better pics, she is tidy it must be said, she was fit on raymond, great boobs, pretty nice face but these pics are not much good

  • these pics dont do her justice im afriad, she looks crap here, saggy old bitch, she was nice when on raymond, and goodbye girl, milf material pure babe but these pics not so much.

  • no thanks

  • I agree these pics suck, she is fit as fuck on everybody loves raymond, id still bang her, she is a milf.

    very sexy women but she needs more pics on here, her boobs are epic tho, imagine jizzing all over her big kockers and all over than pretty face, I wish I was Ray Romano on that show getting to be in bed with patricia heaton must be heaven getting to shag her even better.

  • Both her and Ray Romano are married but yes I saw the ceremony thingall the cast were on stage talking and she held romano and snogged him lol.

    cute milf, great rack

  • always used to jerk off over her when watching raymond she also had some great stuff on goobye girl, nice feet caps, her boobs are great, pretty face, what i woudl give for one night with patty she is such a milf.

    50+ and looks nice, id jizz all over her big boobs, she is fit

  • i agree i watched everybody loves Raymond and she is fit, in season 1 not so much but she gets so hot from season 3 onwards, she is a milf for sure, great boobs, and she is over 50 but that is even better, I love cougars and older mature women so much better.

    she is 54 still looks great, id smash her back doors in but i agree she looks not so good here, we need more pics of heaton, she is great wank material

  • I would say shocking more than sexy here but we still get a good look at this women’s fine par of knockers, she has big perky boobs which we have seen good caps of before.

    she is a fine looking women regardless, hell she could be my grandma she is 54 and i would’t hesitate in banging this milf, not many women in their 50’s look as good as her still, I think Ray Romano was a lucky guy getting to work with her, I’d love to act alongside heaton whilst being in bed with her

    Then again if i was in a bed with Patricia Heaton, I think I’d be in shock because I would so some freaky stuff with this babe

  • she is a milf, great boobs, She looked great on raymond in soem episodes, I always loved it when she was in bed she looked hotter for some reason not sure why, I was thinking whilst watching it this morning, I watched a few episodes.

    She was great in the episode power of no, that scene was epic lol, the one where they met for the first time so pretty and her body is insane, and no roll and also the sex talk one at the end when ray is in bed with her and I was thinking I wish I was him getting to make out with Patricia Heaton.

    She is a milf yes, she is nice eye candy the only thing i hated was her character on raymond was a bitch, I did not like her but she is hot yes

  • she is 54 now, she was hot on raymond for sure, fit, angela teh waitress and stefania were the best tho, amy was also bangable, Monica Horan plays her I know she didnt always look that good and then in some scenes like in the one where she had sex she looked well bangable, I wuld still nail it.

    I would smash patricia and jizz all over her boobs, King of queens is great too, you have hot busty women like Leah Remini and Nicole sullivan.

  • she looked yummy on Raymond series 4 holy cow, watched the bully on the bus, cousin gerard one and the anniversary one she showed some great cleavage on that in the red dress.

    MILF, I would still smash her

  • i would still lick her inside out.i still want to get down on her.i would fuck her into a coma.

  • awesome milf, Leah Remini off king of queens is much hotter tho, she has a great rack, ass she has it all.

    Patty is pretty tidy tho, nice body, wish she showed it off even more, Has she ever done nude, I wish she did a porno or something or a sex scene with a young stud lol

  • seems like a bit of a crazy bitch in real life mad republican, I wouldnt say no to a good shag with her tho lol, she was hot on everybody loves raymond, Remember watching it when I was in college have the whole show watched and I would always have a wank over watching her in that, and then I found out she was like 50 wow, hot for her age.

    Never liked her character on the show but she hot, she has great boobs and legs, I Wish she got her kit off more too tho

    And I agree on Leah Remini, pure babe, loved her even chunkier too

  • Everybody loves Raymond was good, I am one of the only ones who liked her character even tho she was a bit annoying I guess,all of them were I guess, she is milf, I liked her sexy scenes there, I wish they had her with Robert lol, Her and Brad Garrett would have been so hot lol, her could pick her up and kiss her with the height difference.

    Monica Horan is quite nice too, shame we didn’t get more shots of her body, would have been interesting if she showed cleavage or had tight dresses on as she was quite tidy, tho Stefania bird was the hottest.

    Patty Heaton would be ideal size for giving Brad Garrett a bj, that would be epic

  • patty is a milf yh, monica horan who played amy no thanks she is not nice at all.

    King of queens had much fitter birds tho with Leah Remini, Merrin Dungey and Nicole sullivan that show when those 3 came on was one big wankfest.

    Patricia Heaton is good wank material too of course

  • she is a fine looking women ith a nice enough body she is over 50 now, and I know I wouldn’t mind being in bed with her and I certainly would’t pass up a chance to spend one night with her,

    I only saw her on Everybody loves raymond as the bitchy wife, I didn’t like her on that show but she is insanely hot, I would always fantasise about her she is a milf all my mates agree that she is hot too.

  • MILF, we need more pics of her here tho

  • Anyone who thinks this is shocking is either a homosexual or jealous! She’s so sexy!!!

  • I’d love her all night long. Even when she reaches 80.

  • she was hot in Raymond, I remember the boob job episode, was good one she took the socks out and her rack was still big, her boobs are her best assets, she shows good cleavage and she is very pretty , Milf

  • she has great jugs on her, id still do her in a heartbeat, for a women in her 50’s she is a gilf

  • she is very overrated in general, Leah Remini off King of queens is way hotter, I have both king of queens and Raymond I saw all episodes of both and leah is much buffer imo, throughout series, I prefer leah’s body, more curvy and bigger ass etc, both are pretty.

    But I still think Heaton is overrated a bit

  • ultimate milf- easily one of hottest tv milfs ever, her best was raymond, she looked hot as hell especially from series 3 onwards- very pretty, nice body, the episode with the boobs was great but bit saft as she already as huge boobs.

    Again nice sexy mature women

  • I never realized she was so popular, I have only just got into everybody loves raymond so see her on that show and I noticed, I was thinking she is a very attractive women, and i really love her she must be a top milf really, very nice looking and has some sexy scenes on the show, I always think to myself I wish I was ray romano on that show getting to be her husband lol.

    very nice looking women.

  • the fittest women on Everybody loves raymond was Alex Meneses who played stefania by a mile, she was stunning, had a proper banging body, curves and Tina Arning who plyed the waitress Angela was well gorgeous.

  • Patty looked hot in general on raymond but I think she looks best in series 4, the short hair in the early series I didn’t like but she is a very pretty milf

  • patricia is a very good looking women but that picture is not that good really, she needs more pictures on here, she is a milf

  • yes, watch her on Everybody Loves Raymond, she is an amazing looker, I did not like her character on the show, so bitchy, wonder if she is the same in real life, but I would give her a good seeing too regardless.

    The Httest women on Raymond was Alex meneses who played stefania, she was fine as hell, awesome curves,

  • she needs better pictures really, First seen her in Everybody Loves Raymond- Italy episode , good actress helps that she is very easy on the eyes too- Most people hate her character on the show, I liked her to be fair all were good and annoying in one episode or another.

    she is nice looking though, awesome rack on her, gorgeous women

  • not hot on these pics exactly, she is a good looking women though, she is in her 50’s now, I mean she certainly is a very attractive lady imo, even at her age she is hot.

    I thought in Raymond she was very nice eye candy but I did not like her character on the show she is a good actress though, Saw her in Goodbye girl she was stunning in that


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