written by Wanda

Patriotic Phoebe Price Takes It Off For The Cameras.

If you’ve read any of my past posts about Phoebe Price you know I’m not really this woman’s biggest fan. She’s hot and looks great half naked but I’m not one for fame whores and Phoebe most definitely fits into that category. She isn’t the worst of the worst, of course. I’d probably have to give that title to Teen Bride Courtney Stodden but Phoebe is definitely up there on the list. With that in mind though, I actually really do like these photos. Fame whoring aside, I think these photos have a lot going for them. First, Phoebe is gorgeous and has a fantastic body. Second, the shoot feels playful and fun. Third, sailor hat! This is definitely my favorite Phoebe Price pictorial to date.


  • Sorry but these pics of Phoebe are really slutty and skanky. How could you want to even do this? She is very pretty but you have the whore part right. Why not just model in swimsuits and such that are not so slutty.

  • early Christmas tease for us all

  • Phoebe Price has the face of the 21st century. Her large cheeks which form beautiful round peaks of flesh are as feminine and sensuous as they come ! Her face simply transcends natural limits, as her incredible cheeks bulge forward, defying earth´s gravity. When she smiles, its seems her whole face erupts into a fabulous show of ethereal beauty and enticing glamour. Her eyes are both alluring and bewitching, and her impeccable skin displays timeless elasticity. The face of the century is enchanting men all over the world and she is making Hollywood more beautiful.

  • she is very sexy and obviously great body

  • i bet she is a dirty girl

  • she should just get naked or do porn