written by Nabanita

Paulina Rubio Shows Off Her Boobs

Obviously Paulina Rubio needs no introduction with such a huge fan following. Most times despite her feisty performances, one still wouldn’t be looking at the sexy angle when it comes to her. But here’s a different angle. As is evident, she’s no weight watcher aiming at size zero. Here’s one who’s living a cool life, pretty much piling it on. Obviously hers is not the perfect bikini body that you’ve been dreaming of but who doesn’t like a little action. And as some may say, watching the star adorn the beach babe avatar wasn’t exciting on the whole but watching her adjust her bikini seemed a little more interesting.

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  • JUANEESSSSSSSSSS muy ansiosa esnpraedo a que me des ese REGALITO PAPA . A Dios le pido todos los dedas, volverte a ver porque tfa tienes lo que a mi me gusta y con tu amor no siento penas wiiiiiiiiiiiiii =D te envif3 todititito mi carif1ito desde Jue1rez, Mexico muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuak!!! =D

  • I find her even more appealing because she is not a size zero , not everyone has to be skinny to be hot, she is very sexy, and she has a nice body, love a women with meat on their bones.