written by Wanda

Paz Vega Photo Shoot

Paz Vega is a gorgeous woman. I’ve loved her since I saw her in Spanglish. I really expected her to break bigger in the US following that movie, but it never quite happened. She’s a stunner though and I absolutely love these pictures. Known almost as much for her modeling as her acting, Paz gives off a very natural, easy going vibe in front of the camera and I love that about her. Some actress/models look like they’re trying to hard to offer a certain look during photo shoots, but Paz always seems to be comfortable just being herself when modeling. I’m looking forward to “The Jesuit” in which she’s rumored to be starring with Michelle Rodriguez – another one of my favorites. Hopefully it happens.


  • Why is she famous btw??

    • She’s a very well known Spanish actress. She was in “Sex and Lucia”, “Spanglish” and a ton of Spanish films. She’s really talented and super beautiful.

  • Hah, the boy was naked until he was 11 and it fnllaiy dawned on him that no one else was. End of that issue. :) The girlies still go around the house in various states, but we bought them bras a couple years ago, so they’re into the girlie-girlie thing of matching bras and panties–total nudity fixed. Now if we can convince the littlest that pull-ups don’t need to be worn halfway into the day and that just because you’re in one is no excuse to intentionally wet it, we’ll be making progress.I’m not sure many of us really need to wear a particular color to draw attention to autism. I think a lot of our families just scream it right on out. What if instead of wearing a special color, we all descended on Walmart at the same time? That would raise awareness and then some!