written by Wanda

Peaches Geldof In Strapless Bikini

Allegations of drug use and a potential sex tape haven’t kept Ms. Peaches Geldof from enjoying the good life. Soaking up some sun in LA, Peaches shows off her trim body in a sexy strapless bikini. She might not have the best beach body and sure she has a few bad tattoos you might expect to see on a trashy stripper in a sleazy strip joint, but she still looks good. Peaches does her own thing. She’s a unique girl and that’s why we love her. Following her quickie Vegas marriage that ended after not even a year, many were worried about the young girl born of rock music royalty, but Peaches, above all else, looks happy and healthy. Forget the allegations recently made against her in the press by a former lover that they had gone on an all night heroin binge. The girl doesn’t look like any junk head I’ve ever seen. I’m hoping for the best for this one. She’s had a hard life thus far. I hope she finds her way through all the tragedy and finds real happiness.

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  • nice – if you like smackheads

  • Well her tats make up for her meaninglessness to the world. lol

  • I live in Orange County, CA and I cannot get over how many young women do not realize how insignificant they really are and try to become somebody unique by putting ink under their skin. YOU FAIL

  • Boy, I wouldn’t have known that was Peaches. She looks different, not in a good or bad way, just that I wouldn’t have recognised it was her if you hadn’t said it.

    I quite like that her body’s not perfect, that she has a bit of a belly. That’s more a reflection of reality.

  • id bang her

  • i would, then id bang a fat chick, more cushion for the pushin

  • bet she would be a good shag, i prefer women with a bit of meat on them as opposed to skinny anyway, better sex

  • i would hit it, something about her tells me she would be so good in bed, a real dirty one i bet, why that is im not quite sure.

  • id love to pound her, nice body

  • she is not exactly fat either tho she carried bit of meat on her but not fat, And I have shagged a women who is fat it wasn’t that good in my experience even tho she did give a good bj and had great big boobs it depends on the women no matter the size

  • id tap that for sure

  • she is ok, id smash it for sure, she has a bit of meat on her bones which I prefer, most the girls I have been with are plus sizes, well chubby not huge but quite thick and I love it.

    Not keen on her tattoos though, shame she did not take her bra off so well get a full front shot

  • not the best looking girl, not bad tho, she is worth a ride