written by Wanda

Petra Nemcova At Cannes

Just the other day, I talked in great length about my love, respect and admiration for Petra Nemvoca. Imagine my surprise when I opened these photos of Petra at Cannes and discovered I’m not absolutely in love with them. Petra is a beautiful girl and I do enjoy these photos but they don’t really look like her – at least not her as I’ve come to expect her to look. I actually had to image search these photos to make sure they weren’t tagged incorrectly. As I’ve mentioned before, I do sometimes have a hard time with faces so maybe that’s the problem here. All in all, she still looks very pretty. There’s just something about these photos that doesn’t do it for me. I’m sure I’ll love the next set twice as much to make up for this one.

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  • she sure is lovely looking