written by Christine

Petra Nemcova Does Fashion LARGE

Here is Petra Nemcova at the Holt Renfrew Fashion Gala in Vancouver, Canada canoodling elegantly with all of the bigwigs in the fashion industry. And as per usual, Petra is showing off her stunning style in a sleek mini-sheath. I love how effortless her beauty is, this is another girl who doesn’t have to ‘bare all’ to show off her sex appeal. And I seriously don’t know what I am more jealous of. That she actually got to touch the GREAT Diane von Furstenberg, or that gorgeous bag she has. Okay both. So jealous.

Petra Nemcova

leggy Petra Nemcova Holt Renfrew Fashion Gala stunning style Diane von Furstenberg Petra Nemcova 5.jpg Petra Nemcova 6.jpg Petra Nemcova 7.jpg Petra Nemcova 8.jpg Petra Nemcova 9.jpg

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