written by Wanda

Petra Nemcova Kills Me With All Of Her Beauty

There are many, many beautiful things about Petra Nemcova: her face, her body, her hair … it’s all great. What I love most about Petra, however, is her boundless optimism, even in the face of things most of us can’t imagine, and her dedication to taking bad experiences and turning them into something positive. If you don’t know Petra’s story, I’d encourage you to look it up. She’s a strong, smart, beautiful woman who deserves nothing but good things and positivity in her life. While¬†Dancing with the Stars sometimes leaves me with a less than favorable impression of celebrities I once cared for, Petra’s time on the show left me with nothing but respect and admiration for her. She’s really trying to do good things and make a difference in the world and I both respect and admire her for that. These photos clearly show Petra is a beautiful woman but that beauty is far more than skin deep is this woman. Absolutely one of my favorite celebrities.

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