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Petra Nemcova Represents Otto

Petra Nemcova represents Otto as their new spokesperson. Otto is a German mail order company that is based in Hamburg, Germany. These pictures were taken on Mon. June 30. Petra was dressed informally in a feminine dress that displayed her beautiful, supermodel figure. In other news about Petra, it was revealed that she donated around 150 computers and technology equipment to an elementary school in New Orleans last week. She said that she wished to help the present and future students of Wilson School with her donation.

Petra Nemcova

supermodel beautiful Petra Nemcova Petra feminine dress Hamburg Petra Nemcova 6.jpg Petra Nemcova 7.jpg Petra Nemcova 8.jpg Petra Nemcova 9.jpg Petra Nemcova 10.jpg Otto Petra Nemcova 12.jpg


  • Wow! She amazes me with her pure beauty. I am also wondering how much was contract with Otto worth.

  • I agree, one of the most beautiful celebrities.


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