written by Ann

Petra Nemcova’s Bust Spills

The amfAR’s annual Cinema Against AIDS 2008 gala was at Le Moulin de Mougins, southern France. The prestigious function was held on Thursday, May 22, 2008. Petra Nemcova was dressed in a sexy bustier that showed off her assets. Her gown was daring but Petra still adhered to convention by wearing a corset underneath. It helped to push up her cleavage by several notches. It was a pity that it showed up after being dislodged by normal use.

Petra Nemcova

amfAR's annual Cinema Against AIDS 2008 Le Moulin de Mougins Top Model Petra Nemcova attends amfAR's annual Petra Nemcova 5.jpg Petra Nemcova 6.jpg Petra Nemcova 7.jpg Petra Nemcova 8.jpg Petra Nemcova 9.jpg boobs corset underneath Petra Nemcova got cleavage


  • too bad she dnt show anything

  • nice pretty women