written by Ann

Petra Nemcova Shows Bare Back And Bare Front

Petra Nemcova, the beautiful beauty queen from Czech, was at the Cannes Film Festival in France, on May 16. She was at the premiere of Un Conte de Noel (A Christmas Tale). This new French movie had Mathieu Amalric, Catherine Deneuve and Chiara Mastroianni. Petra wore a daring, plunging neckline that dipped down her valley. She turned up the heat in her daring gown that was so low cut in the front and back.

Petra Nemcovag

Chiara Mastroianni Catherine Deneuv Mathieu Amalric Petra Nemcova wearing white dress celebrity haircut Petra Nemcova's back Petra Nemcova 7.jpg Petra Nemcova 8.jpg Petra Nemcova 9.jpg Petra Nemcova 10.jpg Petra Nemcova 11.jpg Petra Nemcova 12.jpg Petra Nemcova 13.jpg Petra Nemcova 14.jpg Petra Nemcova 15.jpg Petra Nemcova 16.jpg Petra Nemcova 17.jpg Petra Nemcova 18.jpg Petra Nemcova 19.jpg Petra Nemcova 20.jpg Petra Nemcova 21.jpg Petra Nemcova 22.jpg


  • The halter is back! With its retro, sexy look, halters can be found in traditional one pieces, tankinis, and swimdresses.

  • Ow my god what a beautifull dress!!!!

    I need to buy one for my precious!

  • so hot! petra is even hot with not so big boobies

  • Looks like Petras’ put back on some weight, and she looks great!

  • Well a classy blond girl =) Looks like a good girl ;D

  • many ppl would have seen her bare nipple