written by Ann

Petra Nemcova Wows In Low Tube Gown

Petra Nemcova was a guest at the Miss Czech pageant finals. She looked beautiful in her yellow dress. If the bar went any lower, there would have been a wardrobe malfunction. The older guy seemed determined not to be distracted by the lovely bundle seated next to him. Anyway, Petra managed to do a few steps with a young man and they lit up in megawatt smiles. I’m sure Petra could have danced some more if her gown wasn’t so long and impeding her movements…

Petra Nemcova

Petra Nemcova Miss Czech Miss Czech Petra Nemcova 4.jpg Petra Nemcova 5.jpg Petra Nemcova 6.jpg Petra Nemcova 7.jpg Petra Nemcova 8.jpg Petra Nemcova 9.jpg

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  • Hahahhaa how is this whiteshirt guy staring at her…


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