written by Wanda

Petra Slapar Strikes A Pose In Slovenia

I’m not all that familiar with Petra Slapar but that doesn’t mean I’m enjoying these photos of this beautiful woman any less. Apparently Petra is a singer/songwriter who competed in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest who has, in the past, done a little adult video work. Sadly, artists, no matter how talented, often have a hard time moving from adult videos to more mainstream work but Petra seems to have done it with a moderate amount of success. These photos, shotin Portorose, Slovenia, show this beautiful young woman looking striking in a bikini. She really knows how to pose for a camera. I’m not sure whether or not her music career will be successful but if not, she could always try her hand at modeling. She certainly has the body for it.


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  • not heard of her but she is a hottie, very easy on the eye and has a great body, great pics