written by Wanda

Phoebe Price Poses In Bed

I’m a sucker for a hot red head and I suppose Phoebe Price fits the bill but I honestly have no idea what the woman is famous for. I’ve tried to figure this out in the past as she regularly shows up at big Hollywood events clad in next to nothing, I’ve seen her name in the gossip rags and a certain celebrity news blog which shall remain nameless regularly blog about her, but I have no idea what she’s done to achieve her celebrity status. Did she sleep with the right person (or people)? Is she the child of someone important? I have no idea but I do know I don’t like celebrities who are famous just for being famous and by all indications, Phoebe falls into that category. I guess she looks pretty hot in these pictures though so I guess that’s something. Related (but not entirely related): Whatever happened to Bai Ling?



  • I’ve never heard of Phoebe Price, but out of curiosity I went on Wikipedia to see if I could find out more about her. She’s a “media personality” and “model”. When I hear “media personality”, for me it often runs synonymous with “being famous for being famous”. He or she is famous, but we don’t know the heck why. Kinda like Kim-Kardashian syndrome.

    Never heard of Bai Ling either, but from what I can see on Wikipedia, she was struggling with alcohol addiction, so that might be why she disappeared.

    • Wow. Sorry to hear about Bai but I can definitely see how it now that I look back on some of her past public appearances. I hope she pulls it together. Unlike Phoebe, Bai actually had some decent acting gigs. She was on “Lost” once upon a time and did a pretty good job. Phoebe however, yup – you nailed it. I have no idea why I know who she is but boy do I ever know who she is. She had a thing a little while back for showing up at various events in ridiculously inappropriate outfits – slinky dresses that left nothing to the imagination and things like that – so she’d be photographed. I guess it worked. Anyway, I suppose in that respect she’s a sort of pioneer as now there’s a whole new group of girls doing it. Funny how I can’t seem to remember any of their names…

  • That’s the thing, you and a whole lot of people won’t and don’t remember “the whole new group of girls” names for a reason: they really AREN’T that memorable. The human body is beautiful, but you seen one, you seen them all. What differentiates and adds longevity is personality and talent. Well, a lot of the time.

    I hope Bai gets to a better place too. Hope her experience makes her stronger when she comes out the other end.

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  • She is a beautiful model. I mean she has flawless skin the look of a real goddess. I love the poses that she has picked. I do not really know who she is but the red hair is fiery. Looks amazing.