written by Nabanita

Pink In Lace Lingerie

Now, if you’re wondering why Pink chose to perform in Germany wearing lace black lingerie the only logical answer I reckon would be that the fans love lace lingerie. Here’s one clear platform where you can’t even comment on the fashion. Whether it’s the lace, or the jesters clothing, or the fake sea farers outfit, I can’t seem to pick the most bizarre, or is it the red. I can understand colors being in but this is not even funky. Nevertheless, let’s keep the clothes aside because everyone’s not good at everything, so we’ll just concentrate on her singing. Now that’s the real winner out there.


Pink Pink PinkPink Pink Pink in lace lingerie Pink Pink


  • Pink has perfect body !!

  • Crib Bedding Ensemble has all that your precious sweetie will need.

  • Pinks got a great ass. Love to be drilling those plump cheeks.

  • one of the tightest hotest bodies. awesome