written by Wanda

Pink Is Pretty Much My Hero.

There are precious few Hollywood celebs out there I actually look up to and admire. Pink is one of them. She’s strong, confident and does sexy her own way. When she first hit the scene with the “Can’t Take Me Home” album, I was unsure about this new pink haired pop star but by the time her second album rolled around, I was madly in love with her. She has always been the kind of girl that does things her own way, who says the things she wants to say and sings the kind of songs she wants to sing. I respect her endlessly for all of that. Her career has seen a lot of ups and downs but I have bought every single album she has put out and I’ll continue to do so. Pink is a woman young girls can and should look up to – not women who get famous for sex tapes or for being bratty and spoiled. Pink worked hard to get where she is and I love her all the more for it.


  • Sex goddess

  • she made me cum HARD!!!!!

  • she’s so fucking sexy