written by Wanda

Pippa Middleton Keeps It Semi-Casual At Wimbledon

Yeah, okay – I’m pretty much over Pippa Middleton. I think she’s a gorgeous young woman and all of that but even I think there was way too much being made of her there for a while. To be honest, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen shots of Pippa I thought were anything special. Now these photos have come along and I’m starting to remember what I liked about her. She’s really looking beautiful at Wimbledon but she’s looking beautiful in a fairly down to earth way. That’s what I always found so appealing about her. She didn’t seem like she was all that taken with the press attention. I could be wrong of course but all I really have to go on are photos and these photos do it for me. I love the dress. It’s something I could see anyone wearing – not just someone famous. I think these shots are great. I might not be as into Pippa as I once was but I could see that changing if more photos like these ones pop up.


  • nice looking women, but very overhyped well she was, she is tidy enough sure

  • she is fit