written by Wanda

Pippa Middleton Shows Off Her Ass In London

I’m not the type of person that will just like a celebrity because other people happen to like them. It’s not my style. Pippa Middleton is a good example of this. I don’t dislike her. She seems like a fun girl. She has a great body but I really don’t get why everyone goes so crazy over her. Kate is clearly the more attractive sister, at least in my humble opinion. Here in London, Pippa steps out in a form fitting grey dress and yes, she looks pretty damn good. I just don’t really get why everyone’s in such a tizzy over her. Ah well. To each their own, I suppose. I’m sure there are a whole lot of guys out there that disagree with me on the Pippa subject. To those guys I say enjoy the pictures!


  • She has ugly face with a decent body.

    Pippa Middleton is one of the most over rated celebrities.

  • Pippa has perfect booty, but you are right in some way.

  • If me and Pippa were dating than I would pump her hiny so good that every time she takes a dump it looks all white and she has an orgasm.

  • I don’t see what’s so great about her and I agree with Jane. She has an ugly face. Sometimes, her face looks like one of those old women with sun damaged face. And she doesn’t have an ass, it’s basically flat.

  • Thank you for the wonderful photos… Pippa, I love you and you’re perfectly beautiful. I’d make quite an ASS of myself if ever I were lucky enough to encounter her in person! Here’s hoping she’ll always be happy. Be glad women still look and act like women in jolly old England! Sincerest best regards ….

  • Aww, that’s so sweet of you to say, Dave. You sound lovely. Bless your heart.

    It’s also a relief to read a clean comment from a man on here. Gets a bit much sometimes.

    Anyway, have a lovely day wherever you are and please come back and comment round the blog from time to time.

  • I can’t see the fuss over this girl (woman, as she is nearly 30) even for 29 or whatever she is,. she looks REALLY old, KATE is beautiful, but Pippa…?? I don’t get it. She looks ore like the older sister. Men are really crap at assessing beauty, as they only look at the body and they think with their reproductive organs. No intelligence.

  • calling her ugly is pushing it, in no way is she ugly, but she is not that hot either she is relataiely attractive but the media hype her and her backside which sums up the uk media here to be a sex goddess all a women needs is a nice pair of boobs or a nice ass and she is a total sex babe it sums up the media.

  • i woudl bang her hard, smash her back doors in no question but kate is prettier but really its all opinion

  • she is an average looking women who gets hyped up by the media stupidly.

    I work with at least 10 women hotter than her or as nice easily, would i bang her yes as most guys would but she is nothing special certainly not as hot as the media say.

  • she is quite hot but not as hot as most women on this site tbh, her sister kate is better looking for sure.

  • id plow her

  • pippa pippa pippa …. I love your ass thx bro

  • she is overrated by a mile, she is quite an attractive women of course, quite good looking, nice enough body but there are plenty of women who look hotter than her and have bigger, better asses than her.

    why media hype her ass?

    Have they seen Jlo, kim kardashian, Beyonce, Im watching king of queens now and Leah Remini the chick in that is way foxier and has a great ass too, busty.

    would I shag pippa- hell yes of course but id shag most women but there are way hotter women who dont get media hype

  • Pippa did not get the looks in the family that is for sure. Kate is much prettier I feel. Pippa looks very old in these photos. I have nothing against her at all. I just feel that she could look better.

  • she is not bad looking at all but not stunning, she is not ugly but then who is ugly?, more average or bit above that.

    Kate is nicer yet most think Pippa is hotter

  • well she is fit but very overeated in general i agree, I think somehow I’d rather shag pippa than kate tho of the 2 even tho kate maybe prettier but pippa has better body but thats my opinion.

  • kate and pippa mother is milf tho

  • I woudl rather shag pippa over Kate for some reason, Prefer her figure but I think Kate is prettier, both would get it, she is quite fit pippa, id still love to smash it and I agree kate and pippa mother is a mature babe

  • she is bang tidy she is a nice looking lady, she has a great body, great legs on her and a nice ass

  • she should just get topless for us all, want to wank over her naked body

  • pippa looks good here, nice legs

  • Her and Kate are posh totties bet both would be great in bed, , love a classy women, she is fit, nice legs and ass shots of sexy pippa

  • any straight male would smash her, I know I would, if she is an ugly women you must have pretty high standards but of course looks is all subjective, I think she is nice looking and has a fine figure, I for sure would not kick her out of bed