written by Wanda

Pippa Middleton Walks To Work

I know I’ve been unkind to Pippa Middleton in past posts but I have to admit that I kind of like these pictures. I haven’t really changed my opinion on Pippa all that much. She’s not really a celebrity to me. That doesn’t matter though. These pictures show a young girl just going about her day to day routine, in this case, walking to work in London. I don’t think she’s the most attractive girl in the spotlight but she looks pretty cute here. I like the outfit and I like the casual feel of the photos. It’s a simple, casual and comfortable looking outfit that’s still fashionable and still compliments her body. I’m not sure I’ve changed my mind about her entirely but I do, at least, enjoy these pictures.


  • I really really liked what Pippa was wearing at her sister’s wedding. But I really don’t see what the furor is over her backside. I really don’t. I think it’s just obsession for obsession’s sake.

    I like what she’s got on these photos. She looks comfortable. Very at ease with herself.

  • I really wouldn’t recognise her if she was walking down the street. And that’s one of the things I like about her. She doesn’t have that self-important air about her. She just seems to be going about her business. It’s the media that are giving her all that attention and obsessing over her.

    (p.s.: as far as I know, she’s a young woman, not a ‘young girl’)

  • These pics are awesome!! Thanks!!

  • Walking to work eh? What “work” would that be exactly – leeching off the British taxpayers? Keeping the sleazy tabloids in business?

    • Work being her job as an editor for “Party Times”. I’m not sure how much ‘work’ she does there considering her parents own the company behind the webzine but it’s still a job that she goes to twice a week apparently.

  • Anarchy: I don’t understand. How can she be leeching off British taxpayers when she has a job? I’m assuming that when she works, she pays tax, no? Or are you saying she’s exempt from it?

    Also, what will you have her do re: the paps/tabloids? Hide away from the world?

  • What Wanda said. To your 2nd point, maybe I’m just sick of these D-grade types filling media space and wasting our time. There are more interesting (butr not necessarily newsworthy) people who writers would have much more to say about than the sister of some bimbo who married into the British royal family. She’s not really a celebrity, as Wanda pointed out.

  • Anarchy, I hear you. Like I said in my first comment, I don’t quite understand the obsession myself. But that’s the tabloids for you.

    Why do you say her sister’s a bimbo? And if she is, what does that make her husband?

  • I hope these pictures put to rest any ridiculous claims that she has anything above a ‘not bad’ ass! That said, I wouldn’t turn down a sly grab.

  • The thing is, it’s mostly on the media. I don’t think Pippa came out one day and said, “guess what? I have a nice butt!” or “guess what? My butt’s horrible.” The media’s hooked on her, and hooked on a part of her that, frankly, isn’t much of a muchness.

  • You’re right there Tanya. The media takes something (in this case, her rear end) and keeps going on about it, the way the British media do.

    I called her sister a bimbo because she doesn’t seem to have much of a personality to me, as a casual observer. She just stands there and looks good for the official photographers. Obviously she does have some good points to get the Queen’s approval, but that’s just the impression I get.

    • I have to throw my opinion in here. I kind of like Kate. She seems to have class but at the same time, doesn’t seem as stuffy as some of the royals. She won a lot of points with me when she came to Canada. I didn’t personally meet her but a friend of mine did. She said Kate was very sweet, taking time to talk with the people that came out to see them and without a whole load of security keeping everyone at a distance. My friend had her daughter, Alice, with her and Kate asked Alice’s name. She then spent a few moments talking to Alice and calling her by her name. Will asked if my friend wanted a picture with Kate and her daughter and he took it himself. It’s just a little thing that doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things but it meant the world to my friend and especially to Alice and therefore meant the world to me. Of course, that was one event and there was a ton of press there. The jaded cynic in me thinks it was a fantastic PR stunt that won them a lot of new fans and that’s what it was all about. An extension of politicians kissing babies. There’s a bigger part of me that doesn’t really care. Alice was thrilled and that’s pretty awesome – something she can remember the rest of her life. She still talks about meeting a real prince and princess even though she couldn’t understand why the princess wasn’t in a ball gown and asked where Will’s crown was. Oh! My favorite part! Alice asked Kate to sing her song because, as everyone knows, all princess have their own songs. Anyway, Anarchy, the truth of the matter is, when it really comes down to it, you’re probably right but I kind of have a soft spot for Kate. Pippa on the other hand…

  • Quite sexy. Her legs are quite short, though.

  • Yes I also don’t see what the big deal is with this hag. Her sister Kate on the other hand… Va-va-voom

  • she is quite an attractive women but so overhyped by media its ridicoulous, her ass is nice enough like most women but compared with some its not that big at all.

  • she is sexy but kate is better

  • id fuck her and kate simple

  • Pippa ass number one … hot hot thx bro

  • number 1 ass my ass, i work with women who are fitter than her wtf.

    Kate is better than pippa

  • walks to work so wat does she do exactly? I always see her watching tennis she obviously has an easy life,work give me a break she would not know what work was

    as for her looks, she is decent, but she is way overhyped its ridicolus, all you needs to be is average looking, big tits or ass and you are media hype now, what a load of crap

  • she is a nice enough looking women with a nice enough body but I see women everyday in town etc and at work in offices hotter than her, the media will overhype any women really

  • she is nice looking relatively nothing special like most, but I see tons of women hotter than her, I see about 5 better looking women than her in my workplace, her hype by the media was ages ago just selling her, I personally think Kate is better looking than pippa too even though pippa has a nice figure on her.