written by Wanda

Pixie Lott Is Absolutely Adorable

Pixie Lott is absolutely adorable. I love this girl. For that reason, I’m going to skip the accusations that some of the other blogs online are making regarding these pictures. Sure she seems to be hanging out pretty closely with two boys, but who says a girl can’t have friends? She looks like she’s having a great time – all smiles, lots of laughing. She also looks pretty damn good in that bikini. I don’t think there’s any scandalous here. Pixie seems like the kind of girl that just likes to have a good time, and I’m not going to hate on her for that. The thing I like most about Pixie is the fact that whenever I see her name on the list of pictures I’ll be writing about, I know that she’s going to look adorable and I know she’s going to look like she’s having fun. I value consistency.


  • Pixie Lott? Man, WHO is this chick? Something else I’ve been meaning to ask. You’re somewhere in Europe, right? ‘Cause 2/3rds of the women I see here, I have no idea who they are. She is kinda cute though…

    • I’m from Canada, actually. In my experience, we’re pretty much the US except colder, further North with free health care. We also gave you Justin Bieber. Sorry. Pixie Lott is a pop singer. She’s had a few singles chart in the US but she’s more well known in the UK. She’s toured with some pretty big names though. Honestly though, I sometimes don’t know who the women are either and have to look them up. If I don’t I usually cop to that in the post. I’m sure the only reason I know some of them is because I have an insane memory for everything pop culture. Math, science, geography – all of that is lost on me, but I am a force to be reckoned with in pop culture trivia games.

      Again, hate to repeat myself, but I don’t really have a lot of say in who gets posted here. I don’t pick the pictures or the celebs. That’s probably good for you guys though. There might be some unknowns among them, but they’re generally pretty hot or at least scantly clad.

  • Pixie has become quite well-known over the last 2 years here in the UK. To be honest she’s nothing special at all as a singer, but she’s become very much a ‘tabloid celeb’, so she gets tons of publicity which has helped her be successful. Nothing against her though – she seems a nice enough girl, and very good-looking of course.

    • I actually like Pixie’s music. There’s nothing overly spectacular about it, but I think it’s fun to listen to when I’m looking for some decent, light hearted pop to dance around to.

  • The boy in the pictures is, in fact, her boyfriend, so I don’t get why anyone would have anything bad to say about them.
    About her and her career, she’s been praised by the critics for being one of the few young artists these days that actually has any talent. The girl CAN sing, she has a really particular voice and her songs might be nothing special, but she knows how to sing. She’s not only a pretty face, which is something to be thankful about, considering the music industry these days…

  • Really, Jana? Her album actually got very mixed reviews from critics, and her voice really isn’t good at all – if you’ve heard her try and sing live you’ll know what I mean.

    And I am sick of people constantly bringing up this bulls**t clichĂ© that there are “few young artists these days that actually have any talent”. It’s just total ignorance. There are so many hugely-talented young artists around – most of them just happen to not be in the charts and shoved in the faces of the mainstream. And even some commercial singers like Lady Gaga are very talented and artistic.

    It’s ironic that you’re using Pixie Lott to try and argue that most mainstream singers are talentless these days, considering that Pixie is just another middle-of-the-road singer who’s been heavily pushed by her label and is no less manufactured than most female popstars these days.

  • Am i the only one who is NOT looking at Pixie Lott in those pictures?? I mean, look at that guy next to her, he’s ripped and smokin’!
    She is a talented musician and i love her style. I should try to adopt her style if it is going to get me guys like that! :)

  • If there is a scandal about her hanging with two guys, I don’t see what the big deal is. Anyway, it looks to me like she’s closer to one – there’s a lot more chemistry there. Perhaps her boyfriend?

    I think Pixie Lott can sing. I admit I haven’t seen her live, but from what I’ve heard on TV, she sounds good. But that’s me and MY ears. Everyone hears differently.

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  • I wish I was her boyfriend

  • i fancy u pixie lott

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