written by Wanda

Pixie Lott Is Almost Too Cute For Words.

I know people are going to be saying Pixie Lott is fat because that’s just how people are so let me address that before I start talking about these photos. Pixie isn’t fat. She’s curvier than your average pop star, sure, but that doesn’t make her fat. I’ve seen a few comments (and even posts) on various websites claiming Pixie needs to lose weight. I call shenanigans on that. Pixie should only lose weight if a) her health is being negatively impacted or b) she isn’t happy with the way she looks. I don’t think either of those conditions have been met. She looks confident and sexy but more than that, she looks healthy. I love these pictures. They’re everything I expect from Pixie. They’re playful, flirty and cute. What a great photo shoot.


  • how can a person call a women like her fat?, s How stupid, she has a great bodyand she is very pretty.

    If I had a women who looked half as good as her id be over the moon

  • her legs are awesome, love her

  • she is perfection, bang tidy, gorgeous looks, great body, stunning legs, she is one of the hottest girls

  • She is very hot and gorgeous.

  • she is very pretty, awesome body all over

  • much better than tulisa for example yet not so much media hype on her, very sexy girl, great legs and ass