written by Wanda

Pixie Lott Keeps Her Panties Covered

I’ve been writing for this website for a while now and Pixie Lott has showed up in a few different photo sets in that time – almost always with her panties showing in at least one picture. After investigating these pictures closely, I’ve come to the realization that Pixie is adorable, fun but sadly, not quite as interesting when her panties aren’t exposed. Even so, she’s still pretty cute and this pictorial isn’t exactly a failure. I quite like it actually and I quite like Pixie. Her music isn’t really groundbreaking or life altering, but it is fun and entertaining. With continued success and film roles in the works, 19 year old Pixie is really still at the beginning of what could possibly be a very rewarding, long term career.

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  • such an aamzing female artist she aint like others : slutty caking there faces up with makeup shes just naturally pretty and has the most aamzing voice ever

  • Wow, blog author, how can you say a woman isn’t as interesting when her panties aren’t showing? That’s quite a demeaning thing to say. So a woman’s more interesting when she’s being objectified, huh? Great. Thanks. As a woman, I feel really good about that.