written by irene

Preggy Christina Aguilera Dines Out

A very visibly pregnant Christina Aguilera was recently photographed as she and her husband went out for dinner. Looks like the “Dirrty” singer is having a smooth sailing pregnancy. She actually looks good in that color – which is not always the case with other expectant moms. I wonder how soon Christina can get back into shape after welcoming her new baby? Will she record a new album right away? Has she heard all the hoopla surrounding her colleague, Britney Spears? So many questions that need answers!

Pregnant Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera Pregnant Christina Aguilera out to Dinner Pregnant Christina Aguilera 3.jpg Pregnant Christina Aguilera 4.jpg Pregnant Christina Aguilera 5.jpg Pregnant Christina Aguilera 6.jpg Pregnant Christina Aguilera 7.jpg Pregnant Christina Aguilera 8.jpg Pregnant Christina Aguilera 9.jpg


  • He really doesn’t fit with her. Thanks for these great HQ c-thru pictures of xtina :)

  • I think she looks fantastic. Isn’t she giving birth on like, Wednesday or something? And she’s out in heels and a mini dress. props for the bravado!! I heard her and Katie Holmes are filming a show together, starting February! So I guess she will be on the treadmill soon. But I don’t think she will need to be there long.

  • She is so hot and her husband looks like a moron. How do 2 people who are these different stay with each other. She is hot and famous and husband is ugly and not so famous. I see they will be divorced in a year.

  • tell u what resspect too that guy it gives geek sliek me a hope in dating the likes of chritina and paris hehe reminds me of the film loser with jason biggs holla!