written by Wanda

Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian At The Beach

I don’t really care for the Kardashians. There’s just something about people who are just famous for being famous that always sits wrong with me but that doesn’t mean I want to see them looking sad and I can’t deny Kourtney looks sad in a few of these pictures. Perhaps the sad pictures were just snapped at a bad time because in other photos she seems like she’s having a great time. Either way, it’s nice to see things seem to be going well for her and her husband, although I like him even less than I like the Kardashians in general. There was a show on the CW for a brief period of time called “H8R” and I was one of the very few people who watched it. Kourtney’s husband was on it and I have to say his appearance left me liking him even less. This is the same show that made me like Snooki, Joe Francis and various other celebrities I had a mean dislike going for. If you’re not sure what I mean, YouTube it. It’s horriible. I do miss the show though. Bring back “H8R!”


  • It’s nice to see a pregnant woman in a bathing suit. I don’t think the pregnant body is something that should be covered up like it’s taboo. It’s good to see Kourtney rocking her bathing suit and body with confidence.

  • I can’t stand Scott. He’s whiny, childish and sometimes acts like he’s Kourtney’s second child. I don’t know why she went for him, but well she’s made her choice. It’s good to see them having a nice time in some of those pictures. Hope the happy period lasts.

  • @Koui: So true! Tho the face is another story. hehe

  • Hi JoeSchmoe. I’m not quite sure what you mean in reference to her face. Or rather, I hope you don’t mean what I think you mean. So I’m just going to ask that you elaborate, please: What do you mean?

  • Aww, she looks cute, even when she’s frowning. And she looks nice in all the different swimwear she has on. Plus I really like the white dress she’s wearing in a couple of those photos. I think a holiday is just the thing for her.

  • Hilda, I don’t like Scott either. On the rare occasions I’ve watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I’ve been none too impressed with him. She can do better. But she’s a grown woman – her decision, her choice. They look loved-up in those photos though, which is how it’s meant to be a lot of the time.

  • Scott better treat her right. I don’t care if her and her family are famous for being famous. Everybody deserves love regardless. Scott needs to grow up, grow a pair, man up and treat her right, not just when she’s pregnant.

  • I think she is very pretty and rocks all those swimsuits, even with a baby bump. Hell, ESPECIALLY with a baby bump!

  • Give Scott a break, If you watch the show-he may be a wing nut, but the guy loves his woman. She is one hot Kardashian pregoon or other wise

  • Rickk, I haven’t watched The Kardashians in a while, neither have I watched any of the off-shoot programs. However, from when I watched it a while ago, I wasn’t feeling Scott. If he was a tool even when their first child was on the scene, then I’m wondering what difference a second one will make to his tool’ness. But you know what, people can change so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt…for now.

  • she looks good still, nice curves on her, I wish she was my women

  • she is fit, I certainly would love her in my bed, then again all kardashians are welcome