written by Wanda

Pretty Ashley Greene Leaving The Gym

Okay, okay – so I like “Twilight”. Whatever. I’m not the kind of girl that’s going to love or hate something just because everyone else does. You know what I love most about “Twilight”? Well, the books actually, but aside from that, I love “Twilight” most because it’s introduced me to the cast, especially the lovely and talented Ashley Green. While some may argue these aren’t exactly the most flattering pictures of her ever taken, let’s remember they were taken as she was leaving the gym in Santa Monica. How many people come out of a gym looking fresh as a daisy? Well, perhaps some of the women who are completely hung up on their looks and need to look their absolute best every second of the day. Ashley just doesn’t strike me as that sort of girl. She seems far more laid back and relaxed and that could be why I appreciate her so much. My only complaint about Ashley has very little to do with Ashley and everything to do with the general public. Start watching “Pan Am” people! It’s a fantastic show and I’ll cry if it’s cancelled. No one wants me to cry, right?


  • I’ve never watched any of the Twilight films, neither have I read the books. I’ve watched The Vampire Diaries though where just about everybody in it is young and beautiful. I’ve seen Twilight clips and it looks a bit like that.

  • Ashley looks as natural as someone who’s coming out of a gym is supposed to look. But I tell you, if she’d come out wearing make-up, some people would complain about that too. You can’t please everyone (nor should you), so just please yourself – that’s what I say.

  • She looks natural and beautiful. And I’m loving her Coca Cola t-shirt. Thank God we can see pictures of her leaving a gym – there need to be more pictures of female celebs without make-up or dressed up to the nines.

  • Nandz, yep, some folks would definitely have something to say about her coming out the gym with make-up on. And it would probably be some of the same people who would complain about her having none on. Go figure. Guess it is what it is.