written by Wanda

Pretty Ashley Tisdale Relaxing By The Pool

I am an Ashley Tisdale fan. It took a while for me to decide how I felt about her because to be honest, I have a hard time really getting into the Disney stars. Ashley is an exception though and I can tell you what changed my mind. “Hellcats”. I loved “Hellcats”. Judging by the ratings and it’s rather early cancellation, I may be alone in that but I don’t care. It was a little mindless and silly but it was a fun show. There is room in this world for something silly and fun. Here in Santa Barbara, Ashley seems to be enjoying her time by the pool and I love that she’s doing that without makeup on. I love a girl that doesn’t have to slap on a layer of makeup just to relax. Love Ashley. Can’t want to see where her career takes her.


  • You are sooo not Ashley. Liar! Do you think we are like stupid? I know Ashley. She has a difeerfnt username. Duh! Ashley wont like say AshleyTisdale Rockss for her user name. She is NOT that kind´╗┐ of girl.

  • Who are you talking to??

  • i love ashley thx bro