written by Wanda

Pretty Lucy Hale On The Beach In Sao Paulo

I have never seen Lucy Hale’s show “Pretty Little Liars” but I keep hearing great things about it. It’s one of those shows I keep meaning to check out but never quite get to. Perhaps one of these days I’ll change that because I’m a pretty big Lucy Hale fan. I liked her in “Scream 4”, “Privileged” and in her guest appearance on “How I Met Your Mother” (she played Robin’s little sister) and I’ve always felt she’s a lovely, talented girl. Here in Sao Paulo, Lucy seems to be having a nice, relaxing day just hanging out with friends. Some of the photos kind of look like they may be from the set of a movie or television show or from a photo shoot but I’m not entirely sure. Regardless of the occasion, Lucy looks lovely. I wish her much continued success.


  • I remember Lucy as I saw the advert for Pretty Little Liars when it first came out. I didn’t watch it though. Apart from that, I haven’t watched anything else she’s been in. I lost interest in Scream once it went past the second installment.

  • I was never into Gossip Girl, and I assumed Pretty Little Liars was similar so it never got a look-in from me.

    It doesn’t look to me like they’re on a movie/series shoot – her and the people she’s with look casual for it. But then maybe that’s the point! Maybe that’s how it’s MEANT to look.