written by Wanda

Pretty Miley Cyrus At Pilates

I often say I prefer the more casual, candid pics of Miley Cyrus to her more glammed up shots but these pictures taken outside Miley’s Pilates class in Hollywood are a nice compromise. She looks a little more dressed up than she has looked in other Pilates class pictures we’ve seen but to be honest, I can’t imagine this is what she’ll actually be wearing in class. I know some people have been giving Miley a hard time for hitting the street looking a little less than put together. I hope that’s not why she chose to dress it up a little here. I guess in the end it doesn’t matter. She still looks comfortable and happy. I have no problem with that.


  • She looks nice. I really like her bag too actually. I don’t understand why anyone would want to criticise her for dressing casual. I wonder how THEY dress. And why should it bother them if she dresses really casually? Like you said, as long as she’s comfortable, isn’t that what matters?

    (p.s.: one of the pics is, erm, a bit revealing).

  • No underwear and a young bald tight pussy! Just the way i like them!

  • I’m with you NigPapa.. I want to tear that little pussy apart!

  • “Dressing casually?” No mention at all that her bald beaver is exposed for the world to see? :(

  • Why Conform, I don’t know if you were referring to my comment when you mentioned “dressing casually”. If so, read my “p.s.” in my comment.
    Take care…

    • I think the comment was to me as I didn’t mention her “bald beaver” in my post. I didn’t mention it because I don’t think people are seeing what they think they’re seeing. It looks to me like her thigh and a wrinkle in her skin.

  • Wanda-with all due respect.I’ve seen enough of em to know that what we’re seeing is not a wrinkle in her thigh.

    • It just seems oddly positioned. I guess I don’t really have the opportunity to look at my own from that angle. It just looks to me like it’s off center.

  • I’m with Rick. I’ve seen more than my share as well, and off center or not, that’s the promised land! No doubt in my mind!

  • that is Hilton, Britney, Maria, style let her show her kitty cat……

  • sexy bitch and she knows it

  • she sexy yes

  • I agree with Matt, She is a sexy bitch. But why doesn’t she spread her legs a bit more so we an see the whole thing.

  • she is fit as fuck,

  • id fuck this chick so hard

  • oh my goodddddd Mileyyyyy thx bro

  • I’m Sexier than her;)

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  • Wow look at those pics. Miley looks odd in some of them. Oh well guess that no one is really looking anywhere except for between her legs. Miley, what would Billy Ray say? Can you imagine?