written by Wanda

Rachel Bilson And Her Killer Legs

I like Misha Barton, but my favorite alum from ‘The O.C.’ is definitely Rachel Bilson. If you haven’t seen her in Zack Braff’s ‘The Last Kiss’ you should do so. Immediately. The girl is a special kind of sexy. Here at the Antibes, Chanel, Fashion Show, Rachel proves you don’t have to be dressed in something low cut or skin tight to be sexy. She has a sort of classic, exotic beauty that is definitely appealing even when the only real skin she’s showing is her legs. And come on – those are some gorgeous legs. Rachel always plays to her strengths and this relatively demure ensemble is no exception. Love her.


  • she is stunning.

  • this girl gets me hard

  • she is hot as hell, very pretty and those legs, damn

  • stunning girl, she along with Jaime king provide good eye candy in Hart of Dixie, both are very pretty, her legs are so nice too

  • only just started watching hart of dixie and had to check her out, glad she is on view on here, she is very gorgeous I noticed, very nice looking, certainly makes is better to watch, and I noticed she has amazing legs they are always on show lol, Jaime King is also a hottie

  • I watch Hart of dixie, and she is very sexy girl and always shows off those legs, her legs are stunning

  • Just had to comment to say it’s good to see so many Hart of Dixie fans around here. It’s one of my favorite shows. Jaime King is also stunning as many have pointed out. Jaime and Rachel are two of my favorite actresses currently on television – possibly two of my favorite actresses of their generation.

  • she and jaimie king are very nice yes, the lads on that show are super gorgeous too, cress williams yummy, wade guy and tucker, all the guys are so sexy

  • always shows off those great legs on hart of dixie, damn this girl is hot