written by Wanda

Rachel Bilson In A Bikini With A Hot Friend In A Bikini And A Monkey

As if two sets of Rachel Bilson bikini pics in one day wasn’t enough of a treat, this set ups the level of awesome just a little bit by adding in a second gorgeous babe in a bikini and a freaking monkey! The story of the monkey, named Mar-Mar, is a pretty sad one though so naturally, I have to share it. Apparently, Mar-Mar’s mother was struck by a car and killed, leaving Mar-Mar without anyone to care for her. Luckily, a man who works with monkeys stepped in, bottle fed her and raised her to adulthood. Now Mar-Mar hangs out around Zaccios (a bar in Holetown, Barbados), sometimes posing for pictures with tourists like Rachel and her friend. I don’t think it would be possible for me to love these photos any more than I do now. I felt that way about the last set I posted but there’s a monkey in this set! A monkey with a backstory. Brilliant.

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  • rachel bilson is nice, her friend is very fit too, nice pics