written by Wanda

Rachel Bilson Is So Incredibly Adorable

I adore Rachel Bilson. I’ve adored her since her time on The O.C. and my love for her was only magnified when I started watching her on Hart of Dixie. I still believe her role in Zach Braff’s Last Kiss was her finest work to date but Hart would be pretty close to the top of the list for me. In these photos from the Chanel Dinner in Los Angeles, Rachel is pulling off that rare combination of adorable and sexy and I love it. I love the hair, I love the dress, I love the shoes … I love everything about these photos. One thing I feel is important to mention though. Rachel is one of those rare celebrities that looks better (not to mention younger) without a stitch of makeup on her face. I think these photos would be even better if she lightened up on the eye makeup just a little bit. Even so – she looks fantastic. I don’t think I could be more in love with this young lady.


  • rachel is gorgeous

  • yes she is very pretty, all the guys on Hart of Dixie are well fit too, wilson bethel omg so lush, and cress williams and scott porter are nice too

    • Wilson is probably my favorite but Cress comes pretty close too. Scott is very cute as well but he’s a little too clean cut for my personal tastes. I think the ratings for the show would improve dramatically if Wilson and Cress just kept their shirts off all the time.

  • all 3 of them are very good looking guys love cress williams tho must say,

    Rachel is a hot lady, she has great legs

  • cress williams is the best what a hunk i would even take him over wilson bethel, hart of dixie is a superb looking cast- the ladies are pertty like Rachel and the guys are awesome lookers too wow