written by Wanda

Rachel Bilson On The Set Of Hart Of Dixie

I love “Hart of Dixie”. I mean that in the most sincere possible way. Sure it’s a bit cheesy but it’s also surprisingly addictive. I started watching for one reason and one reason only – Rachel Bilson. I freaking love Rachel. She’s sexy, has a killer set of legs but she also seems to be the kind of girl that likes to kick back after work with a beer and a few close friends. I find that more appealing than just about anything else. In these “Hart of Dixie” stills, we see Rachel in her normal Zoe Hart wardrobe but also dressed up as a pirate and I’m just fine with that. The only question is why there isn’t more Wilson Bethel in these pictures. I know we’re supposed to root for Zoe and George to hook up but not this viewer. I’m Team Wade all the way.


  • she is soooooooooooooo sexy

  • she is very pretty, love her on Hart of Dixie

  • sexy

  • so fit

  • fish lips :)