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Rachel Bilson Sells Bongo Jeans

Here’s Rachel Bilson looking nerdy in spectacles. These were “Bongo” Jeans ads. Her cleavage told another story. Which is it to be? Nerdy or sexy? Rachel would like to portray a little of both qualities. There’s a huge market out there for nerds and Rachel would like to cater to their tastes. I like the one where she wore beige colored jeans and top. The low hipster showed her nice curvature. The singlet revealed what nice round globes our celebrity had.

Rachel Bilson

Bongo Jeans Rachel Bilson in Jeans sexiest actress Rachel Bilson 4.jpg Rachel Bilson 5.jpg Rachel Bilson 6.jpg Rachel Bilson 7.jpg Rachel Bilson 8.jpg Rachel Bilson 9.jpg Rachel Bilson 10.jpg Rachel Bilson 11.jpg

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  • She reminds me of my school teacher!!


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