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Rachel Bilson Too Hot To Handle

Rachel Bilson strikes this come-here-or-else-you-will-miss-half-of-your-life pose. She looks really too damn hot to handle! If you boys can’t wait to see more of this sexy, pretty actress, then go click, click, click! I must say, however, that these pictures are a far cry from what she was spotted in the past few days. Have you seen the previous photos of her in this website? She was covered practically from the neck down to the toes. Well, whaddaya know — she was just probably teasin’ y’all for these hot, hot, hot pictures!

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson Shooting Hot Rachel Bilson Sexy Rachel Bilson Rachel Bilson 4.jpg Rachel Bilson 5.jpg Rachel Bilson 6.jpg Rachel Bilson 7.jpg Rachel Bilson 8.jpg Rachel Bilson 9.jpg Rachel Bilson 10.jpg Rachel Bilson 11.jpg Rachel Bilson 12.jpg Rachel Bilson 13.jpg Rachel Bilson 14.jpg Rachel Bilson 15.jpg Rachel Bilson 16.jpg Rachel Bilson 17.jpg Rachel Bilson 18.jpg Rachel Bilson 19.jpg Rachel Bilson 20.jpg Rachel Bilson 21.jpg Rachel Bilson 22.jpg Rachel Bilson 23.jpg


  • Awesome I wanna see more if this tiny cuttie!

  • I remember her from shining in The O.C. I really miss this TV show :(

  • Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton were only reason I been watching Orange County. Thanks for pics!

  • May I join in the bedroom? Haha.

  • I agree on this jaY! There was also Melinda Clarke which looks hotter than any younger chick!

  • Wow, loved her in OC, she is just getting better, there she pretty much looked like a teenager, now she looks like a hot woman.
    I never realized she was this hot .


  • *jizz*

  • outstanding beauty with awesome legs. for me she was always the hot 1 in the oc

  • I agree with Ste, easily hottest in oc, better than misha barton, she is stunning, these pics are awesome she is great on hart of dixie always showing off her best assets her legs.

    Her Legs are so good,


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