written by irene

Rachel Bilson’s Booty Tap

Rachel Bilson taps her curvy booty as she goes around and about in a department store. Looks like our gal’s busy looking for the perfect shoe! Maybe she needs it for a date? Or perhaps for a movie premiere? Or maybe it’s just an excuse for her to roam around the city and for poor paps to follow her everywhere she goes. Pretty sneaky PR stunt there, girl, but hey, it’s mighty effective! More photos of pretty Rachel after the jump!

Rachel Bilson Ass

Rachel Bilson booty Rachel Bilson 2.jpg Rachel Bilson 3.jpg Rachel Bilson 4.jpg Rachel Bilson 5.jpg Rachel Bilson 6.jpg Rachel Bilson 7.jpg Rachel Bilson 8.jpg


  • This is amazing. She is grabbing her own ass.

  • Yeeh baby.. tap that ass

  • Hehe Rachel, spank it harder. Damn I really miss The OC :(

  • i wanna grab her ass damn