written by Ann

Rachel Bilson’s Latest Movie Is Jumper

Rachel Bilson looked terrific as she arrived at the premiere of her movie, Jumper, in New York. She looked perfect, like a doll. Her makeup was minimal and complemented the color of her dress.

The movie Jumper had a far fetched plot of a man who could travel by teleporting himself. He used his special powers to investigate the death of his mother. He was pursued by several people who wished to use him for their own selfish intentions. Go and watch it, for Rachel’s sake!

Rachel Bilson Jumper

Rachel Bilson Rachel Bilson at Jumper premiere Rachel Bilson 3.jpg Rachel Bilson 4.jpg Rachel Bilson 5.jpg Rachel Bilson 6.jpg Rachel Bilson 7.jpg Rachel Bilson 8.jpg Rachel Bilson 9.jpg Rachel Bilson 10.jpg


  • The filming style of Jumper made me feel like i myself was jumping around, which was cool. Also Christensen’s lines were as short as possible, which was ideal for the movie’s overall quality.

  • she is so hot