written by Wanda

Rachel Uchitel On The Beach

I don’t give a rat’s butt about Rachel Uchitel. I don’t care how hot she is or how good she looks in a bikini, this woman pisses me off. She got famous for her affair with Tiger Woods and then whined and complained because everyone called her a whore. She scored some ridiculous amount of money out of that whole Tiger mess. Just take the money and disappear. Stop acting like a celebrity. When it was announced she was going to be on “Celebrity Rehab”, I wanted to laugh, but I was too busy weeping over what the word celebrity has become. There was a time when celebrities were people who had done something noteworthy to gain the attention of the public. Now any bimbo willing to polish Tiger Wood’s golf club can attach celebrity to their name. The definition of a whore in the true sense of the word is someone who exchanges sex for money. Rachel slept with Tiger and for a huge sum of money for it. Draw your own conclusions from that.


  • If she isn’t a celebrity and just a whore why do you keep putting her on your site? Seems you are a sell out yourself or maybe even just a “whore” like you call her.

    • First, this isn’t my site. I’m just a writer here. I don’t choose who gets posted. If I did, Rachel Uchitel wouldn’t be on here. Second, having a job does not make me a sell out. Third, the w h o re thing made me laugh out loud. I have never traded sex for money with is exactly what Rachel did which is the only reason she is famous. Get your insults straight. I may be a cunt, but I’m no w h o r e and I’m no sellout.

  • comparing to you.. she is super famous ;)

    • I’ve gotta give credit where credit is do. One hundred percent right, Known.

  • Wanda you still wrote it knowing it was gonna go up on the site. Calling someone a w h o r e because they made money of a situation isn’t really a valid point. If it were then you would also be considered a w h o r e. Why? Because you and the site you are affiliated with still put her pics up even though you don’t seem to approve of her, still looking to profit from someone you consider a w h o r e, making you a hypocrite w h o r e. Don’t argue with your visitors, next time look in the mirror before using nasty language. You wish you had her life I bet.

    • Not trying to argue with you here. If you didn’t want a response, you shouldn’t have attacked me in your comment. If Rachel Uchitel ever sees this post and feels the need to defend herself, I will say the same things to her that I’m saying to you. You’re missing my point entirely and that’s a little frustrating.

      I have a job. That job is to post my opinion about the women that I’m asked to write about. I don’t approve of Rachel Uchitel at all and I’m not going to hold that back because it could possibly offend someone. I’m also not going to shy away from defending myself in the comments if someone calls me a w.h.o.r.e. Let’s be clear about the definition of the word:

      a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet
      –verb (used without object)
      to act as a whore.

      Rachel fits into that first category perfectly. She has twice engaged in sexual intercourse with married celebrities and in both cases, those men had children. For the record, I dislike Tiger and David just as much as I dislike Rachel. As husbands, it was their job to uphold the vows they made when they got married. It was their job to resist temptation and not have sex with anyone other than the person they were married to. That doesn’t make Rachel innocent. It just makes her less guilty than the men. Did Rachel get a raw deal? Yes. Definitely. The men should’ve been thrown under the bus just as much as she was. Tiger got it worse than David, but not nearly bad enough.

      The situation Rachel made money off helped end a marriage. Again, I put far more of the fault on Tiger, but she played her role in that and then she profited off it. As for writing about her, it’s my job. If you have never done anything you didn’t want to do in your job than it’s your life I wish I had. I used to work in a music store. In that music store we had specific CDs we were supposed to play at specific times throughout the day. I didn’t like all of those CDs but I played them anyway. Why? Because it was my job. If someone asked if I liked what I was playing, I was always honest. I’m an honest person. Now that this is my job, I write about everyone I’m asked to write about but I’m not about to lie about how I feel about someone because my real opinion might offend someone. That is not my job.

      Finally, I am extremely honest about who I am as a person. There are many, many celebrities out there I’m jealous of. I called myself the word I called myself (the nasty language I think you’re referring to) because that’s the most accurate description of who I am. I’m moody. I’m cranky. I say things I probably shouldn’t say. I’m not really all that intelligent. My writing isn’t the best. I’m too skinny. I have messed up teeth. I don’t shave my legs as often as I should. I have no idea how anyone can stand to be around me. One thing I’m not, though, is a w.h.o.r.e and one thing I’m not about to do is hold back my opinion of someone because it rubs someone else the wrong way.

      I don’t always agree with who gets posted here but honestly, if I was in charge, no one would come here. My boss has the unique ability to choose pictures of girls people want to see. To be honest, until recently, I wasn’t even aware people read what I wrote. As for arguing, I cannot be more sincere when I say I’m not trying to argue. I’m a feisty girl and you got my back up. One of the things I like most about writing for this site is the ability to interact with the people that read my posts. I like the open dialog and I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to comment.